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Starting a new business can be daunting enough, without all the regulatory reporting responsibilities that go with it.  These include such things as registering the new business, staffing, taxes and maintaining records, which if not done correctly, can result in hefty penalties.    We can help you decide upon the most suitable structure for your business, make all the necessary registrations and help prepare a business plan, budgets and cashflow forecasts, leaving you time to concentrate on the business itself.

Most new businesses register as a sole trader, limited company or partnership.  Depending on the type of registration, different record keeping and reporting responsibilities are required.  There could also be other things to think about such as insurance, licences, staffing, and physical location of your business.  

We can walk you through this process and give support in those early months, when all these responsibilities can weigh you down.  

Talk to us about your new business, what you want to achieve and how best we can support you as your business develops.


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